Designed for kids by an inspired Mummy, WeeDo Funwear is a practical, fun, eco-friendly onesie that will protect mini monsters and unicorns from the wind, rain and snow! With clever details like the grow system and the waist zip in case of emergency, the WeeDo snowsuits are great fun for the winter.
The Grow system has been designed with longevity in mind; it allows the snowsuit to grow with the kids at the same speed they do. You can shorten the arms and legs to begin with and then lengthen them throughout the season or even over the years, whatever rate your child grows WeeDo will have a perfect fit and will last!
The easy access, waterproof waist zip allows a quick toilet break if necessary, no fuss, no mess! An ingenious little idea that keeps bottoms warm without any drafts around the waist and back and stops any snow creeping in when they fall or play.
The helmet compatible hood is super functional, with multiple adjustment systems, making sure nothing gets in the way of being a little monster.

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